Tim Blanks

At Work

I remember when I was a kid and TV was my closest connection to Fashion, I use to look forward to every Saturday morning where they would give run-ups of Tim Blank’s coverage of the different fashion weeks around the world, with his unique accent and choice of words listening to him and watching the video was schooling on itself. Today he is one of the most powerful journalist being the head of Style.com and writing for Vogue, AnOther Man and Fantastic Man, he covers women’s wear collection but since last season he is doing men’s also, quite a job! believe me, specially if you do almost every major city. His eye and pen can make a difference on a designers career and set notes for trends, here he is in the Limi Feu (The line bis of Yamamoto) last March in the Paris Women’s fashion week. Do you want to know what he wrote on that notebook, click here.



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