Manish Arora FW 2011

Between India and the Future

I am preparing my first book ever, putting together a printable book with my best photographs to show to galleries and agents and it is quite a job!, I have no realized how many pictures I have taken and how much  I love some, but unfortunately I can’t put them all, I think if I put 3000 pictures they might get scared. The good thing about doing this is you see your pictures again, that you my have forgotten, and find new treasures, as these from Manish Arora, my favorite designer as you may know by now :). I picked those so you could appreciate the amazing vision he has, you can clearly feel his indian heritage through the colors but also you can see the innovation of his cuts and shapes, that give his fashion a futuristic touch, it is simply amazing, I love these kinds of clothes because they are actual pieces of art, that will go beyond this season, in fact maaaany seasons.



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