Lady Gaga for Madame Figaro

Le Freak c’est Chik

I wanted to share with you my favorite picture of this week’s spread of Madame Figaro with Lady Gaga, I have to say it again I really admire Lady Gaga, some people think she is very outrageous but I have to say she simply is an extreme authentic, we all have some Gaga in us, some part of us that wants to show the world we are unique, no we don’t want to wear meat suits to prove it, but we do want to affirm it through our ideals, belief, style, we want to completely let go of the interest of what people think and just go for who we truly are, truly feel and truly are meant to do, why? Because we where Born this way ;).

Be original, be you



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  1. The beautiful Lady Gaga styled by Nicola Formichetti in our lattice & tassel Mercura Sunglasses on the cover of Madame Figaro is arriving at International news stands in the U.S. this week!
    We in New York are sOOOoo extremely excited !!!!
    Word is also out Lady Gaga in the Mercura Eyewear with the Irina Shaposhnikova dress will be featured in the August, 2011 edition of Fashion Magazine, Canada!!

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