Cannes 2011 : Best Dresses

Pure Red Carpet Glamour

*Images : Getty Images

Here is my selection of this year’s best dresses in the Cannes 2011, film festival, I under the criteria no only of beauty but the way the star wears them it makes a whole difference. My Favorites with a big F are Gwen Stefani, who I adore and admire, she really has a unique style that goes excellent with her personality (Rock Glamour), Fan Bing Bing who all through the festival transformed herself with different dresses and hairstyles and even though they where all very different they all suit her perfectly. But I admit all of them are fabulous and simple look amazing on these women. I like the concept of Cannes, lets get pretty, wear the most amazing dresses provided by the elite of fashion designed, be photographed by the world media, and all to watch movies, mmm…. I can see myself doing that pretty easily :)).

Be Glamourous



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