Defile Chardon Savard 2011

Sweet Raphsody

I wanted to share with you one of my favorite graduate collections of the Graduation Fashion Show of The Atelier Chardon Savard, they are several designers who participated to create the four looks (One is in the middle of the last picture) and the girl on the far right… I owe you the names :(!! I discovered them before the show started they were seating there in such a perfect way they where waiting for a picture…. I really loved the color, joy and fun aspect of the looks, I see some Castelbajac turned hyper feminine. It makes me very happy to share the work of people who are starting out, I feel connected to them for the point I am in my life and also the inner child hood dream of being a designer my self. I wish them all the success.

Sweet Success



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  1. Hello !

    I’m the fashion designer in the middle of the picture !
    Thaaannkkk youuu for your comments !!


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