Cannes 2011, La Palme d’Or : The Tree of Life

The Star Cast

The Cannes Festival is over, and I am so glad I left this post for the last day because it fits perfectly, the film the Tree of Life won the the La Palme d’Or. The profound story and the enigmatic vision of its director Terrence Malick could not have been brought to life without this amazing cast (Brad Pitt, Sean Penn and newcomer Jessica Chanstain) , not because they are so famous but their real incarnation of the characters themselves. Knowing I was there in the premier now is more exciting, it is a little historic. Even though my present goal and dream is to obtain a full photo accreditation for the Cannes Festival I have to say I am happy with the screen picturesI took  in some way I had all the views of the walk in the red carpet, and also a close up  in the expression of the stars that even though most of the times they are posing for the cameras at some points you feel a unique moment of reality and reflection in their faces, which I absolutely adore, you see the star and you see the person behind the star, and that is what I wish to capture with my camera, the contrast with both. I hope to be there at Cannes next year either wearing a smoking as a photographer or why not a beautiful dress to assist a premier myself with a successful producer or director that will present his movie at Cannes!…

I just can feel it



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