Bryan Boy


This two weeks I have had some little successes I am very happy about, I sold my first picture, Angelo Flaccavento is using the pictures I took and posted as his Facebook profile picture and Bryan Boy one of the biggest bloggers today  is using the picture I tool of him (One of the first I ever took) as his contact photo in his main page, both decided to use them because they liked them, which is a big compliment :), it is great motivation. The picture here is Bryan Boy, as an FYI when I took the picture I did not know who he was!!! It was Miracle man who pointed out who he was….so that is why I sent him the picture. His blog is one of the most fun because he really travels all over the world and is very well informed on what goes on, so between those to things it is fun to check out his blog, and yes he is living the “Bloggers Dream” : Be invited to every show, get incredible goodies, be featured in major magazines (even a cover), and he is less than 25! and with all that I think he has one of the nicest personalities and great style.




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