Atelier Chardon Savard : Défile de Clôture 2011

(ré) creation 3.0

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend the graduation show of the Atelier Chardon Savard in Paris at the Cité de Sciences et de l’Industrie. The event was organized by TOTEM (Owned by Kuki de Salvertes, the man with the glasses in the black and white picture) one of the most important fashion PR agencies in the world who is known for discovering and representing the important emerging talents in fashion,  and it was presided by Manish Arora my favorite designer!. It was a pleasure to be invited it always is, specially when you are starting out as a photographer or blogger you are always hunting for the invitations (A big thank you for TOTEM), but also to be there and see the amazing creative work put out by the students, it was simply a “Creative Rhapsody” and you when you are there you can feel the proudness and effort of each student working in their creations, there are no limits, just pure creation. Maybe between all these recent graduates lie the next Isabelle Marant, Gaspard Yurkievish or Phoebe Philo. This is the first of several posts dedicated to them.

Create Big



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