Cannes 2011 : Brad and Angelina

Love at the Red Carpet

I stayed one more day in Cannes to take shoot this pictures, the star lover inside me could not resist, this is one of my favorite couples and it was no deception seeing them in person, besides the fact of both being incredibly handsome & beautiful, the love energy they dispel is simply inspiring. Brad Pitt first came out with the crew of his movie “The Tree of Life” and then came down again to bring Angelina Jolie in the theater, as they walked the red carpet  he left her alone for a while so she could have her own moment with all the press, but in a very beautiful manner, a moment where you could see both’s strength and respect for each other, very, very nice. Pictures tell the story by themselves. In the last picture you can feel that complicity that even between all the frenzy with the crowd and photographers they had their own special moment….

Be in Love



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