Jean Dujardin

The French James Bond

Jean Dujardin is the best paid french actor in the country, most of his movies are sure hits and he has proven himself as an actor taking all kinds of rolls from drama to comedy. He is very famous for the James Bond Parody Movie OSS 117, that is one of the biggest french box office hits. This pictures are from the premiere in Cannes of his latest movie “The Artist” a mainly silent movie, which is a great challenge for any actor. I think he is one of the most charming actors, he has a natural thing that makes him sexy, not like Jude Law of course. I like to take the pictures from the screen, first because yes I don’t have access to the main area but I love to see the close up of the expressions of people, again no poses just a natural moment and is my way to share with you being near that celebrated red carpet.




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