Peter Lindbergh

The Sign

Sometimes in life you ask your self some deep questions, you are happy where you are but you know you have to take straighter decisions and have a clearer picture of what you want in life, but those moments are not always super easy because you have to be honest with yourself, brave and have a clear mind and heart, in those moments if you believe in something greater you may pray or just meditate deeply, but what ever you do with an open heart you will get your answer one way or the other. I am philosophical these days and in that state of mind I guess, and in a beautiful way I think to have gotten the answer to my question. Yesterday night I did not want to go out and after diner I decided to call it off for the night when a friend calls me and invites me to join him to “party” even though I was not feeling great I decided to go because we are in Cannes, you have to party a little at least! I am glad I did, we went to an exclusive party of IWC watches at the ALBANE in the terrace of the new Marriot Hotel, as we get in the elevator the PR of the brand is there and says it is party in the honor of Peter Lindbergh and there are photos he has taken and that HE was there!!! Of course for me Peter Lindbergh is the equivalent of Bob De Niro but in photography. The thing is when we got in he was in a very exclusive area we could not reach, but destiny has its ways ;), as he goes out he bumps into me when I realized is him I could not believe it! so I went to talk to him for a while and have my picture with him (which is with the Communications department of IWT, I hope to get it soon, or they will dream with me 😉 ) As they took the picture he stood beside like a protective, sweet person…. So I guess it is quite clear where I should continue in my life…. I t is true I don’t enjoy anything like I do photography it is a passion from heart, so I guess this story is to be continued.

Ask and Listen



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