Cannes 2011 : Robert De Niro

Bob & the Body Gard

Yes one of the most exciting things in Cannes is the stars, you may share a Diner (two tables away, I saw Jude Law and Uma Thurman yesterday in the Carlton) or you may see them arrive to places, of course you are not alone in the desire to see them or take a photograph of them, and you wait a while before they actually arrive, as much as I love stars I would not wait hours to see someone unless it is a huge star (but even then) or the red carpet (because of the way they are dressed). But for a star like Robert De Niro who is not only a legend but president of this year’s festival you more than gladly wait a while :). I have to confess this picture of Mr. De Niro  is thanks to a very wonderful young lady Farah who has her own blog “Cairo-Paris” who passed to me to complete my story. The Bodyguard is mine, I promise he was not posing for me (but I want to think he is saying in his mind the legendary phrase “Are you talking to me”) , I am just mastering the trick that people just look at my camera when I take the picture, they must know they will be on my blog and want to look good ;)….and they do! So this two pictures show you a little of daily life at Cannes (stars, bodyguards, fans, cameras)…to close the post I really have to say I love the work of Robert, he is a legend for his passion for acting, took over so many rolls filled with passion, emotion, love, I guess it just inspires you to do it in your life as well…

Be passionate




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