Talbot & Runhof FW 2011

Just Details

A few days ago I posted on The Reinvented Shirt of Talbot & Runhof and just finished working on the other pictures of the show, I have to confess this are some of my favorite pictures of the Parisian Fashion Week, some collections are about the details more than anything else, these details can be found in the fabric, on the the shape, an accessory, there is no end. The collection FW collection of Talbot & Runhof is about details, the dramatic yet modern hats, the use of fur in the hats, the shape of certain dresses and the way they reflected the light, the touch of orange red, it was simply perfect. It is a collection that in its originality is perfectly wearable and suitable for the modern woman that expresses her sophistication through her clothes. This is duo is one of the few official participants from Germany in the parisian Fashion Week.

Detailed Sophistication



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