Fan Bing Bing

Simply Valentino

Fang Bing Bing is one of China’s biggest stars, she is considered the Chinese Monica Bellucci and she is ranked number 10 in Forbes Magazine 100 top celebrities. When I first photographed her in the beginning of the fashionable adventure  I did not know who she was among many other people, but I admired her impeccable look and grace. In this last fashion week when I saw her outside the Valentino show that I realized who she was, she is one of the stars who has the privilege or great stylist that know how to dress her from just one brand from head to toe like no one does, for each brand she adapts her hair and every piece she is wearing to the brand. Here coming out of Valentino we can see his signature res, the flower coat and heat, the ribbon bag, everything!! simply the perfect look, not overstated simply great. It would be a dream to chose everything from your favorite brand and get your look! No?

Be Stunning



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