Talbot & Runhof FW 2011

The Reinvented Shirt

In the last fashion week I discovered the german brand Talbot and Runhof, a friend that could not assist gave his invitation, I came late and there was almost no space in the room and I had to climb on a box behind a lot of people, sometimes you get the best pictures from the weirdest places, the less obvious that present some challenge, but force you to be creative, a little like in life. I am glad I practice Yoga in sports sometimes you don’t only need creativity, you need also flexibility. Going back to this american and german duo I have to say their collection was among the most wearable-original I saw, you will see in future posts, I have amazing pictures, so many I don’t know where to start but to begin I share with you this re-invented shirt, this is what I  call a revolution of this piece, transformed into a sexy-intellectual dress, that favors your curves, all that in just  a shirt , even if I don’t wear glasses I think I would wear some with plain glass just to complete that amazing look. A little hello to Miracle man, I know he will like this post.

Re-invent yourself



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