Royal Wedding : Quick Shots

William, Kate, the regard and the Beckhams

Impossible not to post something about the Royal Wedding!… the event of the century (I feel more keen about fashion weeks but I agree there is something spectacular about it) To start as you might already know the big question was who will design the dress? well… Sarah Burton the artistic director of Alexander Mcqueen, and she really did an amazing job, Kate Middleton simply looks amazing, no buts here. Prince William does look like a fairy tale prince, but I have to confess that in  my fantasies my prince would be wearing David Beckhams suit 😉 and maybe look like him….. I tried to find quickly on the net the cutest candids and I loved the face of Kate when they were exchanging their rings, no matter how Royal de wedding it is sweet to see that little spark between them, that we could not see on Diana’s wedding. May they be happy, happy  for a long time!

I have dared to put besides the royal couple my favorite fashionistas Victoria Beckham and her husband David, because they really look amazing together and I loved that complicity regard of her towards him, just perfect.

Just say yes



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