Louis Vuitton : Champs Elysées

Wheel of Shoes

This is the first post of the amazing Louis Vuitton Champs Elysées window that just was put in place this week. When I saw this Wheel of Fortune I felt like a kid in New York in front of the Fao Swartz toys store, I know I may be exaggerating, but then again this an amazing selling stunt that addresses the (girl+woman) in me and as a little extra, what color is the wheel?? PURPPLE :). Getting more serious really it is a beautiful idea and quite ingenious -, the reason I wanted to take this pictures ASAP was when I saw the people who actually climbed on the roofs to put all this together, they do it at night, so when you are coming out of diner they are there working, and……those shoes are Extraordinaire, inspired in zebras, their legs, horse tails, really creative and unique. Anyway it was a pleasure and fun to photograph. I will try to find out with the brand how and who comes out with this astonishing ideas. This post is for my SG Sara who made my day ;), love u!.



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  1. Stunning photographs as always. Thank you so much for the blog post. Shoes + Paris + Our Friendship = formidable

    Love you right back.

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