Louis Vuitton SS 2011 : Ave Montaigne

Divine Bags

Like some sundays today I did one of my favorite things Photo Window Shopping :),  I went to Avenue Montaigne to check out the new windows of the season, and I am so glad I did I saw so many amazing things, I have a lot of photos but I wanted to start with this ones from Louis Vuitton because they are among my favorites, this year the Vuitton’s windows are really amazing, I am preparing the one of the Flagship store in Champs Elysees and you will agree with me. I loved the effect on the Avenue Montaigne window, of the light that comes out of the bags it gives it an angelic, divine effect. Angelic marketing? Who knows but I think those bags wake up the devlish part of me to buy a bag!!! Good shops close on Sundays.

Be Divine



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