Valentin Yudashkin FW 2011

Vodka Orange

I am sorry I have not posted in days! well two days but I have to say that since I have started I have only skipped a day, so, it is a lot for me. I have been a little busy but with some good news I will make a collaboration with ASTONISH magazine, a new publication with the goal of promoting the new talents inside the fashion world, the magazine was put together by Ryan C. A graduate from Berkley in Molecular Biology !! (Yes that is the regular path to enter this world, it is an industry secret!!). I will be part of the Parisian team along a group of talented and inspiring ladies that love fashion like I do, upcoming blogger and designer Meghan (Happy Birthday) , photographer Julie ,  and entrepreneur Bolanile. To get on the wave I decided to post today on Valentin Yudashkin the only Russian to be in the offical fashion week calendar this last season, an upcoming talent, who is famous in his country because he redesigned the uniforms of the russian army!!!.. talk about stylish men in duty…. and he is considered as a National Artist in Russia. I liked his collection a lot because it was simple whet it had come original touches like jewelry, embroidery  and yes that amazing orange, that I know will be one of the biggest trends this year, you start to see it in the stores and you will see in the fall also. I like the concept of supporting new talent, specially in fashion where it is most needed, there are many designers to be put on the spotlight and we are going to help them do so.




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