Elisa Nalin


Elisa Nalin is an independent Stylist and Fashion editor that collaborates with many independent magazines (Crash, Milk), she helps produce very beautiful editorials  and she is one of the most photographed people during fashion week because she always dresses very nice, a unique personal style and lots of COLOR!! not many do, and she is very photogenic (to be learned!). She puts things together we normally don’t think would go well, but I felt that to really get her look I would divide it in parts so you  have a 101 on how to apply it yourself. It really has inspired me all time spent during fashion week you understand that to really love fashion you have to play with it, mix and match go a little over board, don’t hesitate, in fashion and in life, just try new combinations. Before I leave you, this amazing pair of shoes are from Pierre Hardy SS2011, he must have been inspired in Violeta Purple when he designed them.



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