Tommy Ton: Jak and JIL

An Eye for Details

During the last fashion weeks I had the opportunity to share office space 🙂 with the most famous bloggers of the moment, among them Tommy Ton (jakandJil) my favorite one, his amazing pictures and eye for detail distinguish him from all the rest, like me he is not a professional photographer but he has always been passionate about fashion and showed it through the photos he took outside fashion shows, today he is one of the official bloggers of and travels around the world to hunt the trends among other things. He now has among his friends the amazing Anna dello Russo with whom you see him in the pictures, he actually tells him “When are you coming to Tokyo to visit me” , that is something to strive for!!!. What I love about him is that he is also very professional and humble in his ways, no pretentious at all, you see how much he loves what he does, just look at the way he is taking a picture, he was born to do that.

I want to be a little like Tommy.



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