Basil Soda FW2011

The Girl in the Mirror

I love the effect inside the mirrors in photos, it gives that second interpretation of the same picture, the reflection of the moment. These photos are from the Basil Soda FW 2011 presentation in a famous hotel in Paris. I just discovered this brand that comes from Lebanon, I really loved their things they are very feminine and made with an exceptional craftsmanship. The collection has a timeless elegance that can fit many special occasions, and the quality explains why they have also an Haute Couture line that I look forward to discover the next season. I loved the model in the picture, I did not intended her  to pose for me but she did in a very natural way , we did not talk but she understood the effect I wanted, I guess it must be like this when professional photographers find complicity with their models, I think I am getting a good practice in taking photos of real models, soon I hope to do an editorial. If you want to know more about the brand please visit this site.



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