Zuhair Murad FW 2011

The Manequin

During Fashion Week they are designers that do not do a Fashion Show but they do presentations, many times with live models, it is a very original way to present clothes, and many times they chose beautiful and highly known places. The famous designer Zuhair Murad chose the iconic Parisian studio Harcourt where some of the most famous in the world have been photographed. With beautiful models posing in a studio it was an amazing experience, because it was the first time I photographed a model posing for my camera! I am always getting people on the move or in the runway. Among the models there was Marina this girl that really  looks like a Mannequin, a doll, her amazing eyes, the color of her skin, her thin silhouette, it was one of her first official modeling jobs, and my first impromptu photo-shoot. I felt al little like Patrick Demarchelier (I imagined he started somewhere like that, lol! ) who knows, but one has to start somewhere and if you have everything at your hand (model, lights, studio, amazing dress) what else can you ask. As for I don’t want to forget, Zuhair’s collection was really beautiful I will publish it really soon, there is no wonder the biggest stars (Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, Swift Taylor) are regular clients.

Strike a pose.



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