Ricky Martin at Armani

A little too Close

As the Armani FW2011  show ended I was going to leave but there was such a big crowd of reporters gathered on the other end of the room, as a curious girl I had to go and see who was it, and believe it or not,  I had no idea who would I see and never imagined to see Mr. Ricky, with my not very generous height I could not see him I had to climb on the podium to see him, as I recognized it was him I almost shouted like a teenager, but I said to my self that is not very “fashionable” , you don’t do that in this universe, so I tried all my best to get in the position to take the best pictures possible, I think with the zoom I got a little to close but I like my pictures they are original and natural, you can see clearly that amazing smile this man has and the sweetness he transpires (literally) . Ricky is one of those people you can adore not because he is handsome (I  agree that does help aloooot), but what is inside is as beautiful as the outside, so you get what you see I guess :).

I love you Ricky!



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