The best of Versace by Richard Avedon

Claudia Schiffer

A little on the memory lane with the Alexander McQueen post I made two days ago, I wanted to make some posts on the things that have inspired my love on fashion, as I talked on my 100th post the pictures of Richard Avedon that where taken for the Versace campaign in the 90’s where among my all time favorite, I am collecting them all from the net, and here you have the first part with super model Claudia Schiffer  and his amazing bodied partner. A little note a part there was a recent article that talked about the use of handsome men with barely any clothes as an important trend in fashion advertising and editorials, complimenting the girl of course, I guess Gianni Versace and Richard where really pioneers in the matter and I have not found an ad today that is as beautiful as this ones, where yes there is nudity but in a really artistic & creative way, the porno chic period leaded by Tom Ford gave this inspirations a more sexual, I am not going to say disturbing bur more obvious less artistic way. I am hunting my new Avedon and campaign that I would collect for the future , I have not found it yet (maybe some Dolce & Gabbana ads), we will see. In them mean time here is a little trip on memory lane.  Remember when you take the best of the past and interpret it for the present or future you can create a revolution.



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