Alexander McQueen

A Tribute in Images

Today I was browsing through the internet and I saw a video of Alexander McQueen, a small portrait that summed up his career in images, it inspired me to do the same on my blog, I have hunted all this images on the web, I definitely wish it was me who took some of these pictures. McQueen is one of the most creative minds that the fashion world has seen in the last two decades, his ability to surprise each and every time, not only by his clothes but by the show, it could rain , be fire, have animals, amazing structures or Shalom Harlow being painted by robots. His shows where filled with nature, mainly birds, butterflies and flowers, a glimpse of the romance of the 18th/19th century, its darkness and its light. His creativity went from toes to head, dresses, accessories, shoes and bags, his designs more that must haves are collectibles, a good investment I would say, I do see in the future auctions at Christy’s with his creations. Sarah Burton has though shoes to fill but she is starting with the right foot when it comes to the clothes, I just think she has to work on the surprise aspect of the shows, but I guess time will take her there. In the mean time the fact that she may be the designer of the dress of  the Mrs Middleton in her wedding to the prince, could be the biggest surprise of all. For the moment I leave you with this colorful cocktail of images.



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