Hermes Bag

Charmed Birkin

The Brikin Bag is one of the “it” bags with most longevity, with this bag the HERMES house does not have to design a new  “it”  bag every season, even though they are trying, but this model co-designed with the actress Jane Birkin, is so popular that certain Birkins made with special leather you have to wait 6 years to get them!!, so it means that people think when you order this bag today,  it will be that popular in 6 years, and they are right. Specially because when you order you can add personal touches that only your bag will have. This bag is a “must” with celebrities, Mrs. Beckham, Oprah, Katie Holmes, Angelina Jolie, Jaqueline Bisset, The Gossip Girls and many other have more than one!. So here you have a picture of one I took outside the HERMES show, it called my attention for the little charms it had hanged (the lady was chinese and they are to bring good fortune), considering a blue ostrich leather Birkin can run 5 figures, I am assuming they work! I am going to get my charms immediately :).

Good Fortune for everybody.



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