Angelo Flaccavento

Dandissimo Bravissimo

When you spend a few days hanging out at the fashion shows, Angelo is someone you can’t miss, his unique look, that perfectly trimmed beard, those glasses, the bow tie, fitted jacket and short pants make it impossible not to notice him, yet he is a very discreet & sweet person. He is a respected independent journalist for very important publications in Italy and around the world (L’Uomo, Vogue, GQ where he has a monthly column, among many  others). He likes to turn images into words and spice his texts with a dreamy side to leave some space for interpretation, for him fashion is more than clothes, thank to this vision he is invited to the most important fashion shows and events around the world (always  seated in front row 🙂 ). I had the opportunity to chat with him on the bus to confirm he is how he looks, charming, sweet and of course an Experto de la Moda , we talked about his taylor in Sicily who fits all his clothes, his perception on the most elegant women during fashion week and of course which collections he liked best (typical cliché question one asks during these weeks, lol! ). Anyway I really look forward on seeing him at the next FW and I want to be like him one day (No, I don’t want to grow a beard, I want to be in front row  because people love my work and have an amazing trademark look of my own! ), if you want to read more about him here is a cool article.



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