Blumarine FW 2011 : Stars at Front Row

Sleeping with Style

When you are at a fashion show and you have the opportunity to be seated in front of the stars it is a gift, not only because you are seated in front of famous people, but if you have that photographer/painter soul it is the opportunity to capture unique moments that you can’t get anywhere. Here at the Blumarine FW 2011 show you can see all the beauties lined up one beside the other, perfectly graceful, stylish but at the end perfectly human, you have the need to doze off once in a while even if you are in front row at the middle of the Milan fashion week! lol! I can’t deny though that this girl in pink does not loose an inch on grace on doing so. Maybe she could give us some pointers ;).

Wake up!, with style of course.



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  1. lol… she seems like someone like me… fashion week is crazy and u do get exhausted running from one show to anther for a week..its allowed i say… hehe

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