Pedro Lourenço FW 2011

Carioca Chic

Pedro Lourenço is the 20 year old brazilian that will be one of the most promising designers in the years to come, this last March he has shown for the second time his collection inside the Paris FW and as part of the official calendar. As the structures of the fashion world are starting to move drastically the space for newcomers is opening up. Lourenço’s has a futuristic, fantastic touch, it does not loose it’s originality inside the simplicity which is not easy to do these days. His use of lines to accentuate the body as well as color give his collection a feminine allure. Not to mention the Chic IPAD bags I mentioned in the last week, that give tech-chic a new meaning. What is sure we have to follow this Carioca closely because he will be big!

I hear Zamba in the air!



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