Philippe Zorzetto

Follow your Passion

One of the nicest things of being a blogger is the opportunity to meet amazing people, creative, inspiring and passionate about what they do and their dreams. Philippe Zorzetto always liked shoes, he even used to doodle them for fun, a few years ago he found the wooden mold made by his grand father in the 1930’s (picture 1), and decided to create his own shoe line using this mold as a base. He left his career in advertising and packaging to pursue his passion and create shoes he liked, he went to Elda Spain, capital of shoe making in the country,  where the shoes are produced in a handcrafted way, using italian and french leather. He learned the art of shoe making from A to Z to be able to understand the way a shoe is built and help create the best shoe possible. His style inspired on the 1930’s has a unique elegant flair that is not only beautiful but comfortable!!! Suit for the modern Dandy. They are for  women or men, so his shoe boutique  in the middle of the Marais is one of the few where you can go with your boyfriend and both of you will come out with a pair 🙂 . Philippe is one of the sweetest people I have met lately, he inspired me personally because in some way I want to do what he did and he has shown it is possible, you just have to go for it, life is too short to settle. I have to confess I could not help to get a pair of Mocassins!!! and they are so comfortable, it is very hard that I find shoes that are confy and nice, I am glad I have found them! If you want to check the whole collection or buy a pair go here. Be careful you might get one or two! lol!



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