Louis Vuitton FW 2011

The Mask on the Head

Here is a little preview of the posts I will make on the Louis Vuitton FW 2011 collection that is simply amazing, I want to start with that Mask, The Mask that Marc was wearing in post I made 2 weeks ago , I simply love it, I want one NOW! (lol!) I know I will not be alone on this desire, but there are many cool things inside the collection and the show it self was simply very creative like anything that Marc does, he does know how to surprise his guests, to compliment this creativity Louis Vuitton as a brand always makes the best of technology to share the experience with the whole world, this time they have prepared a video where you have a place in front row and have a special voice over of Marc Jacobs himself and Katie Grand editor in chief of LOVE magazine, you have to watch the video you will love it, press here to do so.  I am at Montreal right now counting days to go back to my home in Paris.



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