Ana Wintour @ Dolce & Gabbana FW 2011

Before the show

These pictures where taken before the Dolce & Gabbana show in Milan, I have to accept they are not the best pictures because they are a little dark and I had to do some miracles in photoshop to unveil them, they have an old look which at the end I like. Before the show the situation was interesting, Ana was sitting alone with a bodyguard in front and nobody talked to her, there was an empty sit beside her and absolutely no one stopped to say hi or something, while I was observing someone kind of stopped in front of her to take a picture with their Iphone!! not even saying hi or something, that made me feel kind of bad, she is a person not a something to take pictures of! specially just like standing in front and then leaving! so I decided to go to her it was now or never, even though she does not pass her time chatting with people it is very rare to find an empty seat beside her, so here we go… I said hi a little nervous, the bodyguard looked at me a little strange but then he was cool, I gave her my card, told her a little about me and asked her that I would be very happy if she took a look at my blog if she had a chance, and I can tell you she was very nice, she even said thank you!! and I asked her if I could take a picture and she accepted, it was the last one, I think I got half a smile and that strong regard she hides behind those big glasses normally, I have no idea if she has looked at my blog or not, but I feel proud for going for it, when I make it she will remember I talked to her when I was just beginning :), at a first encounter you will be a stranger but you will have paved the way to become unforgettable, so always go and talk to anybody you have or need to. Story apart I really have respect for her and confirm that behind the armor there is someone very nice.



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