Lady GAGA : Mugler FW 2011

Born to be a Superstar

Today is the 3 month birthday of my blog, I know it is not a lot of time, but this 90 days have been simply amazing. When I first created it I had really no idea of what I would see, who I would meet or photograph I just thought it would be a cool way to be close to my passion (fashion). In this time I have been between Milan, Paris and Madrid, seen more than 30 shows among them the brands I admired most from Versace to Chanel, talked to Ana Wintour and met personally Jean Paul Gaultier and amazing people that I will never forget. For a girl that comes from a small city in Mexico and always dreamt of this, it is huge and more the opportunity to share it with others and try to inspire them to follow their hearts :). Among the highlights of this experience was the Mugler show where was Lady Gaga, I am a huge fan and her song Born this Way should be in everybody’s playing list, just the phrase “We were born to be superstars” is enough to inspire your day, or change your mood in a bad day, it does do that for mine :). Be authentic, be inspired, be wild, be the star of your life. I am very grateful for all these and I want to dedicate this post to my mom who has supported this adventure, miracle man that motivated me to start the adventure and was a huge help all the way and everybody who is following and inspires me to get you the best stories and pictures out there!

Be the superstars of your life!



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  1. its great to have a celeb at the show sometimes…l.gaga is totally justified for the mugler show as a fashion icon and as a crazy fashion lover like me..

    but sometimes designers can totally turn off their audience by their choice of celeb on the runway…like at nyfw, the zang toi show had one of the “real housewives of nyc” on the runway… it was ridiculous…first and foremost the clothes were ugly and to top it off u get some shitty reality star on the runway, just downs ur class a 100 times u know…i was tooo pissed, i walk out of the show in front of everyone…hehe… im sorry about i couldnt even stop myself…but body just made me leave!!!

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