The Picture on the Wall

First Framed Picture

Here it is my first framed picture ever, it was so exciting and moving to see :), I did not win the contest but I feel proud to see for the first time something I created exhibited, I hope it is the first of many. I loved the fact they put under the picture “from Paris”, my creative strike and heart are from Paris, it inspired me to create what you see now in the blog and in some way I always wanted to do so but did not find the inspiration, Je t’aime ma belle Paris!! Today is my last day in Madrid, I will miss it, I love this city, its charms, people, cafes con leche, tapas, everything it feels like home too. I hope to return soon. Thank you for those who emailed me to wish me luck! it was with me believe me. A big special thanks for Walter Steiger for lending me my muse.

Amor, Amor,


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