Elie Saab FW 2011-2012, part 1

Simply Elegant

Elie Saab’s show was my last for this season and I can say I close with a golden lock. This is the third show I have assisted of Elie Saab and unfortunately I was always not well placed and could not take good pictures, this time I had my own badge (podium 🙂 ) to take photos, I am grateful to the Louise who sent me the invitation. The collection was elegant and simple, with flattering shapes and fabrics that can make the woman who wear them a princess or sophisticated lady, the colors that dominated where black , red, eggplant and mauve with different fabrics and flows. One of the things that I notice on his shows is the fact that it is filled with clients and not only press, I can say store buyers and personal buyers, fact that you don’t necessary see that on every show, and the reason I notice is the way the people are dressed, some where in pure Elie Saab. This is an introduction of the collection showing mainly the day wear, I will make a second one with the night wear.



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