Louis Vuitton FW2011-12 : Marc Jacobs

At the end of the Show

Some moments are worth a million, I was waiting outside the Louis Vuitton Show after it ended because it is one of the shows it is  worth to do that, you never know what may happen of who you may see, I definitely did not expect to see Marc come out so soon, actually it was an accident, I just saw a group of people coming from the other side of the street, I noticed someone among them that had a unique look and elegance, he walked with charisma, so I took the first picture you see in black and white, as he came closer I noticed it was Marc Jacobs!, he was going towards his friend Camille Miceli, who I have talked about in my blog because I admire her unique style, designs and personality a lot. I love the way he says hi to her with his eyebrow raise, it is a candid moment that made my day, those are the moments that I love to catch, that are the heart of VioletaPurple, where the person is himself or herself, and that way of raising the eyebrow is pure Marc Jacobs. I have to say Marc looked amazing with his one of a kind “Mask tie” and personality this man reflects what he does, and after having such a successful show (elevators, amazing decor, Naomi Campbell, Caroline Murphy, Amber Veletta,  Kate Moss) he has no choice but to look amazing. Just cool!



Shoes : Laboutin

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