Liv Tyler at Givenchy FW 2011-2012

Simply  Beautiful

At the Givenchy show Liv Tyler was one of the biggest stars, the spokeswoman of their parfum, she is simply stunning, in a simple black Givenchy jacket and short she was the star of the paparazzis, I don’t even know how I took this picture, when stars come paparazzis make a war circle around the star and it is almost impossible to take a picture, they are a little “sauvage” it is not my styl’ (lol!) and at 1.60 m I don’t think I am contender, but I do like to have my star pictures, so here you have this lucky one. And stay tuned because my next one will be the handsome & sexy Ricky Martin.

Just be a Star, paparazzis will come later.



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