Anna Dello Russo : Outside Chanel FW 2011

My favorite dress

As I saw Anna Dello Russo arrive this morning, a clear sentence appeared on my heart and mind : “I want that dress, NOW!!” and also ” I NEED those shoes NOW!!” , I think this is my favorite dress of all I have seen between Milan and Paris in the past two weeks, the fact that I am a flower lover may make me a little subjective in the opinion, but I think objective or subjective this dress is simply amazing. When I named Anna Dello Russo my best dressed fashion editor of 2010, this is the reason why she really can amaze you each time you see her, she plays with fashion and takes out there, dares you to bring out the fashion lover in you and let him loose by being creative and why not a little extravagant.  Also I love the fact that she supports many upcoming designers by choosing their creations and modeling them in front of the world.

I want your dress!



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