Gaetano Navarra FW2011

Rising Star

Gaetano Navarra is one of Italy’s rising stars. He started working in with his family that was specialized with Knitwear and for famous for taking this knowledge to another level. I had the opportunity to see his last collection in Milan and was nicely surprised it was the first collection I saw that did not have all the colors the other designers were choosing,contrary it was in a light “mauve” color which is not a regular color for winter, but it is that what made it special; not to say that the fabric and the construction of the clothing is quite unique, mixing textures and forms. Matteo Marsotto  one of the most prominent business inside the fashion industry in  Italy (check picture in the middle), was there which is a good sign for Gaetano it means new capital may go in to make the brand expand. Since I am starting I have a special love for rising designers, I identify with them they are looking to grow and get noticed, like I am,  so one of my missions is to promote them through my photos and blog, it gives me a huge pleasure.



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