Milan Fashion Week FW 2011/12 : Dolce & Gabbana Grand Finale

Walking down the street

My trip to Milan has exceeded any expectation I may have had, I went with 1 invitation and was in one guest list, no more. I did not know what to expect but I had a good feeling and knew in heart I would find a lot of wonderful things, but I would never have imagined all I lived, maybe if I dreamt it, I went to almost all the shows that I would have only dreamt of, Cavalli, Dolce & Gabbana and Versace where top in my list, and there I was in each show, I will share with you all of it, I have fallen in love with other brands like Etro and Antonio Marras, and all this thanks to who? you may ask, “Miracle Man”, yes the one who helped me go into Chanel, has been my angel in Milan, giving me the unique opportunity to come more than close to all this world, I think when my career takes off I will owe him royalties ;), as a cherry on the cake, thanks to him I also have learned a lot about the key players of fashion. Besides amazing shows I made great encounters and improved my photo skills, I have taken pictures in shows from every angle possible, even behind the photographers!, when you don’t have your assigned seat you have to be creative, but that is the best part. I have many pictures but I chose these pictures because, this finale is the best I saw and it also represents one of my biggest joys, being in the Dolce & Gabbana show. This post of course and many to come are dedicated to “Miracle Man”. Just to add a little more, a year ago I was working in Insurance (don’t ask me why) just think that sometimes to get to Rome one may pass by Vladivostok, today I have seen every show I wanted since I was a kid, and I have talked to people I read about in Vogue, I just can say life has the amazing capability to AMAZE you if you let it and you follow your gut.



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