Walking on the wild side

Straight to Milan

It is 5 in the morning I am heading to the airport. I am going to Milan today and it is a walk in the wild side… The last time  decided a trip like that, I think it was when I came to Paris for the first time. I have started this adventure a few months ago and I don’t know what to expect but I never did but always was happily surprised. I have seen and felt fashion in week in Paris I want to do the same at Milan , how they dress, who is there, the stores, the cafes, everything I am going for the full experience and I am taking you with me. I am staying at a friends house, who I met on a train last summer, one of the many nice surprises of the last months in my life, I have some invitations, not as many as I would like but it is ok, I did not in the past either, they are other ways, but no matter what I know it will be great and I excited for what’s coming. Thank you to everybody who has been following the blog you inspire to continue sharing the best I see every day. The photos are of all the animal print shoes I saw during fashion week, I felt like in safari hunting them, sometimes moving, getting away from me or simply standing there in plain nature. Weather Prada or Laboutin this animal shoes can make your wild side come out. This post is for Alessandro my host and for everybody who has supported me this last months to follow my gut.

Dare to be Wild!




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