The Muse of Karl Lagerfeld : Baptiste Giacobini

Different Angles of Beauty

As I mentioned on my it may have been a dream post, the day of the Chanel show I came cross Baptiste Giacobini, the current muse of Karl Lagerfel, one of the rare men he has supported vividly in the last years, he says he prefers women because he designs for them, but in Baptiste he found what he calls the embodiment of modern beauty  (feminine &  masculine in one). The support Giacobini has received from Karl has been like winning the lottery , it has taken his career into stellar heights, just like he did for Claudia Sheiffer when she started out. He has shot a complete book with him called “The Beauty of Violence” , he stars in many Chanel commercial in print and on TV and his photos have been shown in a recent retrospective exhibition of Karl’s photographic work, shown in Paris. Not bad for someone who is just starting and was discovered at the gym while studying hotel management. According to the media and him Baptiste has the ambition of becoming a singer, I am sure Karl will be able to help him with that. Here you have him in multiple cuts and I leave you with the last picture at his arrival at the entrance of the Chanel show, that is you look closely we have again my favorite expressive security guard with a What the…….? face, I just love him I hope he will be in the next shows, he gives a nice zest to my stories.

As for me, you already know my muse is/are shoes.



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