Laurence André : Couture & Architecture

A vision of the future

As we see the collection of Laurence André we feel a window to the future, sublime shapes, sober colors and perfect construction. Laurence André who’s base studies are from architecture that after meeting with Frederic Blanc, renowned parisian stylist she decided to create a collection inspired from architecture inspired in shapes, volume and different dimensions. Her first collection was a great success that has permited her to continue. I can see why and I agree her collection is out of this world, but something I really like is her philosohphy because we think a like in the introduction of the “dossier” given at the show she started with this paragraph :

“This year is your year, If you decide so!

Positive, creative and magical if you decide so!

Luminous and beautiful if you beleive soul so!

Think well, dream with passion , everything you believe with you heart today, it shall be a reality tomorrow!

I could not agree more, I should invite her to the blog!

I have nothing to add she has said it all!



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