Paris Haute Couture SS2011 : Outside the show

One bag for each

When you are in Fashion Week, bags take a new dimension, men use women’s bag, women use  men’s bags, they are big bags, little bags, you can find them in all colors, some are named Muse, Downtown, Charlotte, there is no end to bags, and because of this there is one for each. The one thing that strikes me more and more is men using bags that look a little like women’s, I don’t think is bad, but there was always this practical side of men not having bags, I start to have a philosophical questions, will they fill theirs like us? When we both arrive to our apartment we will both search the keys like crazy in our bags? Those who use bags today what do they put inside them? Like the two guys I took with the blue bags, I wonder what is in them? Who knows, but believe it or not, it is going to be part of a sociology study some day.  NO matter what don’t carry excess stuff in your bag or your life.



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