Chanel Haute Couture SS2011 : Embroidery Magic, pink and jeans

Between Dreams & Reality

When I first saw the pictures of the Chanel Haute Couture show I was a little disappointed because they where a little blurry, but last night as I was going through them the concept of dream that I used the day I went to the show came up. And indeed between the colors, the fact that they are taken from the back feels like I am in the middle of a dream, and I loved the concept. So I want to share this beautiful dream with you where the main theme is this beautiful collection. This is the most original collection in terms of proposal among the ones I saw that week, it was the first to have pants more precisely jeans, yet with an enormous amount of embroidery work made by the iconic french house of  Lesage , Mr. Lesage and his team work with the most important fashion houses in Paris when it comes to embroidery , and he is able to transform Karl Lagerfeld’s vision into a reality, which is not always easy!. In this collection Karl mixed specialized Haute Couture craftsmanship with a more casual, romantic look. The primary colors where pink, silver, off white and black, Coco Chanel’s favorite. When it comes to Haute Couture, Karl Lagerfeld makes the best in a very visionary way of all the “savoir faire” there is in France to make Haute Couture simply Extraordinaire, that is one of his trade marks. At the end of this perfect dream I leave you with a very human moment, Maestro Karl drinking Cocal-Cola before taking interviews, I really love those candid moments, they are the cherry of my cake.

By now if you have followed my blog you know the word dream is one of my favorites, I truly believe part of the joy of life is pursuing them, some are more possible than others, but it is up to you to increase possibility by believing in them and taking action towards them, life will surprise all through the way. This post is dedicated to Miracle Man, who has helped me to make this dream come true, I hope your life is filled of Miracle Men or Women, just remember you have to go out there for them to find you ;).



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  1. Queria felicitarte por tu fotos, realmente tienes un estilo unico, y mucha suerte! como quisiera uno estar ahi, gracias por compartir esos momentos con tus fotos y anecdotas, ya marque tu sitio para seguirlo. Sigue asi 🙂

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