Anna Wintour : La Papesse de la Mode


Anna Wintour is the biggest fashion icon of the last two decades, her voice is the most powerful in the industry having the power to create a career or destroy it all for the name of fashion. The movie of the Devil wears Prada was the revelation to the world of this unique character a little close up behind doors of what goes on inside Vogue (for the fictional side or not so fictional). The September’s Issue gave us a more “real” approach of her, the magazine and the people who work around her. She has always intrigued me with her hair and big glasses, the first time I saw her in person was last October when I worked at a Fashion Salon that was held in the Ritz Hotel where she was staying, I saw her more than once run in an out to go to different shows, her immacutalte hair impressed me it rally always looks the same ALWYAS! (sometimes I do wonder if it is a wig), she really always wears glasses and I think she likes brown and brown boots! Yes I know this are not very exciting details, but I al sharing what I saw, at the time I had no idea I would be writing this blog or taking her picture, it was before the fashionable adventure started, like 2 days before!. The day I talk to her I will share more exciting information I promise, like where does she do her hair in case you want the same or what I am personally dying to know is for her what makes a collection good or not, it is so subjective some times but can make such a difference. These photos are taken at the Chanel Haute Couture show at her arrival, before I knew she would be sitting in front of me! She kind of smiled I think? not at me, lol! but she tried to for the press. My favorite picture is the profile one because you know it is her, but it has a little mystery and power. I personally like her because she is a little like Karl there is this hard armor built around all her work and professionalism but there is a sweet part to her, sometimes you just have to play a part, but it does not mean you are that a 100%. It all narrows down to just be who you are, you will shine, some will love you, some will not love you but certainly many will respect you.



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  1. A french friend passed me the link of your site, it is a nice discovery, you have so many candid pictures, the Anna Wintour smile? me encanta.
    Viva Mexico

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