Outside Chanel Haute Couture SS2011: Celebrities


“Paparazzing” is my favorite new sport, you have to be strong, balanced, flexible, know how to stand up to bigger guys than you and while doing this you have to have a good eye for a good shot, your best allies are security guards that protect you from the other crazy paparazzis. This shots where taken at the Chanel Haute Couture SS2011, that had more stars than all the fashion shows besides Christian Dior, but it  was the easier to take pictures because the security guard helped me a lot  on this one, even though sometimes with their help it was difficult, that is why I only have only a half Vanessa Paradis in the photo!!! , the Paparazzis just go crazy for her. It is my dream to go to Cannes and take some photos, I have to train hard!! and maybe take a bodyguard, It is exciting to take pictures of celebrities, but  more exciting to take pictures of celebrities that are posing for others, that is my favorite, capturing those moments, the cameras, the flashes, the pose and sometimes those little peaks that show you these stars are just human like Ann Mourgalis closing her eyes. I love it. And lastly just look at the face of the security guard, who knows what he is thinking?!… All these for a photo? Oh yeah!

There are more to come.

And this little picture, look closely it is my first ever picture on Vogue (Spanish, Digital Version) No, I am not the girl in grey I am behind with a Folder an my camera taking a picture. Yes it is the beginning, you have to start somewhere. This post is for Ana who noticed I was in the picture and sent it to me.

I am starting to dream of maybe a little profile article in Vogue : Yavidan Violeta, Blogger Extraordinaire.

You know I love to dream, and work on making them come true.



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