Paris Haute Couture SS2011 : On Aura Tout Vu

Angel or Demon

The show of “On Aura Tout VU” that translates at “We might have seen it all” was held on the last day of the SS Haute Couture in Paris, they make honor to their name and they made a right choice on showing the last day, I can tell you I might have thought I saw it all but when you see their creations you know you have not. The theme : Demon or Angel, was creatively worked all through the clothes, with the feathers, the fake horns, the colors black and white, it really was unique and beautiful. They made a collaboration with several famous brands like CARON, Wolford, Mac and among others to put it all together. Besides de creativity the thing that touched me the most was the feeling of teamwork the whole fashion house has  the designers, Livia Stoianova, Yassen Samoulov & Andre de Sà Pessoa brought all the team out after they saluted the audience, like a big happy family, I have never seen that and I found that really touching and to admire, because great creations take the effort of several talented hands, specially when it comes to Haute Couture. A big Bravo to all the team!

As for the wedding dress I know a famous pop star that must be ordering them in every color, not only for her wedding :). You might be asking yourself, why the pink shoes? They are beautiful daring pink Steigers (Walter Steiger). A big thank you to Céline and Fred who made it possible to assist the show.

Individually, we are a drop. Together, we are the Ocean.



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