Christian Dior Haute Couture SS2011: Outside the Show

The Shoe Show

Outside the Christian Dior show I had my own show : The Shoe Show, yes I expect to see famous people and amazing outfits, but if they have nice shoes I may decide to take the shoes picture first, they are my real muses and my passion, since I want to create my own shoes one day. If you look carefully they are like models they are there striking a pose for me, sometimes just standing there alone or with company, striding or simply leaving. Whether they are Jimmy Choo, Christian Dior or some unknown genius designer, I simply LOVE them.  If you are wondering who are the Madames of the shoes I can tell you the boots are from Anna dello Russo and the las magnificent blue pair is from the famous french designer Mademoiselle Agnes. The others I don’t remember.

I Love shoes. Did I tell you?



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